Employer Setup

Information Required from Employers

TLG Learning will be supporting the website www.bbmeet.us that job seekers use to connect with the event. To ensure that your organization is listed on this website we need 3 things emailed to support@tlglearning.com:

  1. A copy of your company logo, the image will be resized to a 200px x 200px and we can often pull one off your organization’s website.
  2. A link to the web page you would like candidates to visit for more information.
  3. A scheduled Microsoft Teams meeting to meet with job seekers during the event.

There are 2 options to schedule a Microsoft Teams meeting

Option 1: Purchase or use your own organizations O365 Teams license and include tlgadmin@bbmeet.us on your scheduled meeting so we can coordinate the publishing of the link to your meeting. You control the scheduling and start of your meeting (please see note below). This is the preferred approach.

Option 2: We can setup a “guest” meeting for you to use for purposes of this event. This does not require you to purchase/consume an O365 license, but it does require that we (TLG) must connect you to the meeting to get things started. We may be doing this for multiple employers on meeting day, so you may have to wait in the virtual “lobby” a few minutes before we get your meeting started.

If you will be using Option 1 please take note of these requirements

  • Meeting Title: Please start your meeting title with your organization’s name. For example: TLG Learning – Virtual IT Hiring Event, 425-460-2200, edc@tlglearning.com. It is WAY EASIER to find your meeting if you need help.
  • Required Participants: You must include tlgadmin@bbmeet.us on the invitee list so that we can publish the meeting link for interested candidates to join your meeting.
  • Optional Participants: Include anyone else from your organization that you might want to participate and/or start the meeting.
  • Meeting Time: Date and time of the meeting.

Useful Links

Change participant settings for a Teams meeting

Roles in a Teams meeting

QUESTIONS: Please contact TLG Learning at support@tlglearing.com or (855) 460-5880 if you need any assistance setting up your meeting.

How to create Teams meeting

What Job Seekers see

Best Practices

Connect. This is an opportunity to make connections, not to do an interview or a long presentation. Participants will be dropping in sporadically, when you have multiple participants in your meeting some may just be listening to your pitch in the background. Make sure your pitch is not too long and remind people they can leave their contact information or questions in the chat.

Do Not Be Camera Shy. It is more welcoming when someone joins a call and can see the presenter. You can always blur your background if you are concerned about what is behind you.

Keep It Simple. We suggest NOT using breakout rooms because you will have to explain how to use them with participants. Use your time to make connections.

Use Chat. Participants seem quite happy to use chat. If there is more than one from your company on the call have one person field questions on chat. Encourage participants ask questions and/or share their contact information in the chat.

Create A Slide with Contact Information. We suggest creating a “resting” slide with contact information that you can share during the meeting and/or if things get slow. You may find yourself having to step away for a moment and it is better to have something on the screen if someone joins when you are not there.

Admit People Promptly. Employers typically set their meeting options to require admitting people from the lobby of the meeting. This gives them a heads up when someone new joins the meeting. Be sure you do not make participants wait to long to get into your meeting. If you have more than one person. If you are using your own Teams meeting under Meeting Options you can also allow people to join without having to be admitted. This is touched on in this video.